Case Studies

case studies: company gathering

Case Study: Company Gathering, 260 pax

Company dinner, 260 people, set menu, beach setting, sound system for speech and music, Balinese dancers. Venue: Beachfront restaurant at Jimbaran Bay.
film production catering

Case Study: Film Production Catering, 60 pax

We did bring variety and delicious food to the crew. The film shooting took place at Padang Padang, Pecatu. 10 days long we daily catered for up to 60 pax. Twice a day we delivered sit-down meals: one buffet for lunch and one for dinner at a Villa close to the set. And several times we catered lunch boxes directly to the set.
work example: wedding buffet

Case Study: Wedding Buffet 50 pax

Wedding dinner, buffet solution for 50 people, two long beachfront tables, standing flowers, flower carpet, flower arch, Balinese dancers. Venue: Beachfront restaurant at Jimbaran Bay.
world water forum catering

Case Study: 10th Water World Forum in Bali Nusa Dua

We catered daily to the World Water Forum 2024 in Nusa Dua. At the Netherlands and Australia pavilions, we offered various food and drink options, ranging from traditional Indonesian cakes and snacks to international selections, including canapés, wine, beer and juices.


Rayunan Bali Catering offers not only Balinese cuisine but also European and Indo-Chinese dishes.

Balinese cuisine covers three levels that range from Makanan over Ajengan to Rayunan. Rayunan is considered the highest class of Balinese cuisine, with well selected material that’s perfectly prepared, professionally cooked, and beautifully presented. Here in our catering product we try to serve best quality and presentation for our customers, at a reasonable price.

We are based in Jimbaran and Nusa Dua and serve all over Bali. We have been in restaurant business for a long time, one of our restaurants is Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant at Kelan beach. You will benefit from our long experience, expertise and work power.